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Tuning make.conf. Hi everyone! I was starting to think to recompile everything for my pc to speed up everything. I started googling and I found almost nothing about how to change make.conf on bsd. 07/07/2012 · Hello, I've read the FreeBSD Handbook about pkd_add. I wonder if there is any way to see what pkg's are going to be installed before actually running the command. I have read tha man page of pkg_add1 and seems like the option "dry run" would be apropriate, however when I gave the. The make.conf file tells your system how it should build things. You can of course build ports using an empty make.conf file but if you do so you will not get the advantages that might come with customizing things a bit further. Below is my /etc/make.conf, which I used when I was putting my Freebsd. Забавно, но вот этот кусок из man make.conf FreeBSD 6.2: The following lists provide a name and short description for each variable you can use during the indicated builds. The values of variables flagged as bool are ignored; the variable being set at all even to``FALSE'' or.

05/09/2019 · If you use packages from the official repository exclusively you need to do nothing but update regularly. If you build from ports, currently just ports-mgmt/poudriere and ports-mgmt/synth does have support for FLAVORS. ports-mgmt/portmaster is broken but some people managed to build then using some manual trick/workaround. Just look for that in the forum. Note: configuration of make.conf makes sense if FreeBSD was just installed on your computer. Then all software will be built with optimization. Also it's recommended to build kernel and world when make.conf is. The file make.conf contains system-wide settings that will apply to every build using make and the standard file. The purpose of make.conf is to control the compilation of the FreeBSD sources, documentation, and ports. The system build procedures occur in the following areas: the world, the kernel, documentation and ports.Variables set in make.conf may be applicable in one, two, or all. The FreeBSD make.conf file. If you are like me, then you compile all of your software using the ports collection rather than use precompiled packages. You also probably recompile the kernel periodically to take advantage of new features or to patch a critical vulnerability that was reported.

NAME make.conf-- system build information DESCRIPTION The file make.conf contains settings that control the compilation of the FreeBSD sources and ported applications. The file make.conf is generally created by the system administrator when the values need to be changed from their defaults. The purpose of make.conf is not to run commands or perform compilation actions directly. to your make.conf will mean that if a port that you're building can be made without X11 options, it will be -- very handy for a headless_server. Note that in FreeBSD 7 and above the packages that are compiled moved from make.conf to src.conf. View the man page for src.conf for more information. Following the tip from, I added the lines. poudriere は、FreeBSD package を作成したり、試験に用いられる BSD ライセンスのユーティリティです。 このユーティリティは、FreeBSD jails を用いて、 独立したコンパイル環境を構築します。 これらの jail を使って、 インストールされている FreeBSD のバージョンとは異なるバージョンの package を. It is also quite straightforward to set up and use, has no dependencies, and will run on any supported FreeBSD release. This section shows how to install, configure, and run Poudriere as part of the normal workflow of a ports contributor. The examples in this section show a default file layout, as standard in FreeBSD. Se volete chiamarlo in un altro modo dovete modificare anche la parte relativa al kernel nel file /etc/make.conf, nonchè la sezione interna al file di conf stesso come spiegato nell’articolo relativo alla compilazione del kernel di cui sopra.

make.conf5Make it clear that world and.

The primary purpose of make.conf is to control the compilation of the FreeBSD sources, documentation, and ported applications, which are usually found in /usr/src, /usr/doc, and /usr/ports. As a rule, the system administrator creates make.conf when the values of certain. 23/09/2019 · GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. 20/08/2015 · This commit yesterday removed support for $UNIQUENAME and $LATEST_LINK variables, it went quite unannounced and took me by surprise. Introduzione: Poudriere ha come scopo quello di facilitare e migliorare la gestione dei ports su molteplici macchine, esso infatti permette di creare delle jail con varie versioni di OS e compilarsi i port creando dei pacchetti in modo da poter tener traccia e installare le stesse versioni di sowtware su server diversi.

CFLAGS is defined on FreeBSD systems in /etc/make.conf. The first example appends additional flags to CFLAGS, preserving any system-wide definitions. The. 31/03/2011 · make.conf是 FreeBSD 中 make1 的配置文件。 如果不了解改变这些配置可能带来的副作用,则不应修改其中的任何配置。 通过修改 make.conf 可以达到下面这些目的:. My FreeBSD /etc/make.conf. Contribute to WisdomFusion/my-freebsd-make.conf development by creating an account on GitHub. 14/01/2015 · make.conf的主要功能make.conf是 FreeBSD 中make1的配置文件。如果不了解改变这些配置可能带来的副作用,则不应修改其中的任何配置。通过修改 make.conf 可以达到下. So, when you type make, it will make sure that foo is up to date with respect to your latest changes to foo.c. This principle can be extended to Makefiles with hundreds of targets—in fact, on FreeBSD, it is possible to compile the entire operating system just by typing make world in the appropriate directory!

When multiple machines need to track the same source tree, it is a waste of disk space, network bandwidth, and CPU cycles to have each system download the sources and rebuild everything. The solution is to have one machine do most of the work, while the rest of the machines mount that work via NFS.This section outlines a method of doing so. When you are using Freebsd and you are compiling packages from source using ports collection then one of the most important things is the /etc/make.conf file. The make.conf file tells your system how it should build things.

  1. 21/06/2019 · So the problem here is that if you, as unexperienced user, would blindly use my src.conf without understanding what these options do then you'll probably end up with a messed up system. For starters you won't have a working firewall anymore. That's because I'm using IPFilter on this system, which has to be specifically enabled in your kernel configuration.
  2. Instead, make.conf is to set make1 variables that control the actions of other makefiles. The default location of make.conf is /etc/make.conf, though an alternative location can be specified in the make1 variable __MAKE_CONF. You may need to override the location of make.conf if the system-wide settings are not suitable for a particular build.
  3. 30/10/2018 · My FreeBSD make.conf. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
  4. The idea to add those bits to the make.conf manual was suggested on freebsd-desktop@. I believe that it is a valuable addition. Personally, I was looking for this information for some time now and I wish that the manual mentioned this overlap between make.conf and src.conf.

freebsd/make.conf.txt · Last modified: 2007/09/02 06:05 by john Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: CC. 若您在安裝套件時若不想安裝 x11 也就是 X Windwos 相關的套件請加入下面這行在 make.conf 中. vi /etc/make.conf USE_NONDEFAULT_X11BASE=yes WITHOUT_X11=yes NO_GUI=yes 步驟3.指定安裝過程中暫存目錄位置.

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