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Kotlin often has surprisingly simple solutions to common problems. So after three months of writing code for the backend in Kotlin, I can say this: I enjoyed it immensely.If you are currently. A 3-day training concentrated on Kotlin JVM backend ecosystem like Spring, Ktor, or pure Java applications. Workshop covers Kotlin exercises, best practices for backend. Talk: Lesson learned - Kotlin on backend ===== by Krzysztof Korbacz and Paweł Pyzik. Have you recently wondered if this new backend project is a good moment to jump into Kotlin, but all you know about it was those blog posts and presentations saying how cool is it? We chat with the folks from Flux around their use of Kotlin on the backend, to develop a service that replaces paper receipts. We talk about the technology they're using Dropwizard, any challenges faced, both from a technical perspective as well as a business on in adopting Kotlin as a start-up company. Why Kotlin for backend is a real thing? Adam Kobor A year and a half ago Kotlin was just a buzzword for me, and every time it came up in a conversation, everybody was just like "Oh yeah, I've heard of it, it's for Android, yeah?".

Kotlin for backend programming. In particular Kotlin is a great choice for backend developers. It has its own very interesting native frameworks like ktor, http4k and more. ktorio/ktor. Ktor is a framework for quickly creating web applications in Kotlin with minimal effort. I'm an Android developer, a big fan of Kotlin and I want to start working on a simple backend project. The project would be super simple: handling user creation with Facebook and having CRUD classes that I'd make available through REST APIs. Now, whenever a user types an item in the text input, our Kotlin app sends a request to the backend with the item and the access_token. The backend then gets this access_token, validates it against a public key provided by Auth0 and then adds the item received to the to-do list. If we run our application now, we will be able to use all its. kotlin-frontend-plugin. Gradle plugin for Kotlin frontend development. The plugin provides an easy way to gather Maven and npm dependencies, pack bundles via webpack and test a frontend application using Karma.By default the plugin generates all required configs for webpack, karma and manages the corresponding daemons. For people who want to use Kotlin to write small, self contained command line apps of the kind Go is sometimes used for, a much simpler and better solution than an LLVM backend would be to make a fully integrated Avian/Kotlin combination. Avian is hard to use right now — you’re expected to be familiar with native-world tools like GCC and make.

22/06/2017 · Kotlin integration with existing Java libraries is very good, as we could while using Spring Boot, and the code developed was very concise and easy to read. We haven't covered that many features of Kotlin, but we managed to validate its applicability on the backend. "Developing backend Kotlin applications is perfectly fine and easy.".

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