Opencv Cmake Static Build //

At least with CLion under Windows CLion 2016.3 EAP which comes bundled with CMake 3.6.1, when building OpenCV 3.1.0, this was the only way of those listed here which caused CMake to build OpenCV as static rather than shared libraries. This post describes how to build an static version of OpenCV for Linux operating systems. I am going to use OpenCV version 3.1.0 and Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit but the process should be more or less the same under CentOS or other flavors of Linux. So let’s start. Following are the requirements for building OpenCV: OpenCVContinue reading "Build OpenCV Statically for Linux". My CMake project uses OpenCV, however, it links to the shared build, which requires the OpenCV DLLs for my executable to work. How can I tell CMake to use the static build of OpenCV instead? What should I change in my CMakeList.txt file? This is how it looks right now. Configuring CMake to build OpenCV on Windows¶ General procedure¶ Start the GUI version of CMake cmake-gui. Select the folder C:\OpenCV\sources as the source directory. Select the folder C:\OpenCV\builds as the build directory. Enable the Grouped and Advanced checkboxes just below the build directory name. OpenCV 2.4.13 was released just a few days ago and as a tradition I had to check if a static build with Microsoft Visual C 2010 MSVC2010 32-bit produced any errors or not. Fortunately, everything went quite smoothly except a few common warnings here and there and I was able to successfully build it so ifContinue reading "How to Build OpenCV 2.4.13 Static/Dynamic with MSVC2010".

How about passing BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF in the CMAKE_ARGS passed to the hunter_config command in CMakeLists.txt? That's actually how I'm using it. BUILD_opencv_world-> Generate a single "opencv_world" binary a shared or static library, depending on BUILD_SHARED_LIBS including all the modules instead of a collection of separate binaries, one binary per module. Press again the Configure button and ensure no errors are reported. If this is the case, you can tell CMake to create the project.

01/10/2015 · I've compiled OpenCV as static library by downloading the source from github. $ cmake WITH_GTK=ON WITH_GTK3=ON CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RELEASE BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF. so I get all the libraries as static and try to compile my program according. 本博文的大概框架:内里有重复,待有时间重新整理1,cmake的介绍,下载,安装和使用2,cmake的手册详解,我关注了-C和-G的使用3,在Linux中构建cmake的工程第一个问题:cmake介绍,. 博文 来自: Deep Learning and NLP Farm. OpenCV 설치 및 빌드build에 대한 간략 튜토리얼입니다. 윈도우즈windows 운영체제 환경에서의 설치를 대상으로 하며, cmake를 이용하여 gpu cuda, tbb, ipp 를 사용하도록 opencv를 다시 build compile하.

When building OpenCV as static library, the target 'libprotobuf' is part of the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES. Therefore, Protobuf should be found by the OpenCVConfig.cmake if it was not found before and the libprotobuf target has to be created.

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