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There are actually two types of audio drivers that you can use in computer audio recording. These are the ASIO Audio Stream Input/Output and the WDM Windows Driver Model audio drivers. These two operates very differently and their behavior has strong impact on the quality of your recording. In this post, you will exactly learn. Modern versions of Windows implement the MME API by using WASAPI Shared internally, making this backend a "second-class citizen" compared to WASAPI and WDM-KS. DirectSound backend. DirectSound was introduced in 1995. It is mainly designed for use in video games. In practice, DirectSound should be expected to behave somewhat similarly to MME. 17/10/2011 · What are each of these drivers use and why are there options? Also, I'm confused over what Multichannel means with WDM? I've always used ASIO drivers but since I upgraded my studio with new converters and interface, including Win7 64, the ASIO will randomly causes major latency so I have to turn on MME, save and then back to ASIO. WDM/KS drivers are the latest available and typically have very low latency. MME is an older driver type and has higher latencies. ASIO drivers also offer lower latency. Your hardware may have all multiple driver options. If so, you should try ASIO first. If ASIO is not available, try WDM, then WASAPI, and finally MME.

asio ・・・ifメーカーが配布、if(dtm向け)に同梱 wdm/ks ・・・ifメーカーが配布、ifに同梱 wasapi ・・・os標準搭載(※vista sp1以降)で、排他モード利用 の3つで mmeは、dtm向きではありません。 dawから利用する場合の動作の流れ. Latency가 3ms~10ms까지 낮아졌다. 초기의 WDM 드라이버는 많은 오류를 가지고 있었다. 그래서 인지? Sonar는 초기에 MME와 WDM/KS 커널 스트리밍만을 지원했지만, Sonar 2.2부터는 ASIO 2.0도 지원한다. 요즘에는 WDM 드라이버에 ASIO를 이식시킨 변종?.

17/06/2018 · I'm not sure exactly when this happened as I usually run ASIO which works well. But it seems to me that at least the latest Windows 10 version v1803, build 17134.112 has completely lost support for good old WaveIn both WDM and MME in Samplitude. WDM は「ウインドウズ・ドライバー・モデル (Windows Driver Model) 」の略、KS は「カーネルストリーミング (Kernel Streaming) 」の略で ASIO と同等な低レイテンシーを実現するオーディオデバイスとのインターフェイスの手法の事。 単に「カーネルストリーミング」とも呼ばれる。. wdm是波分复用 asio是专业声卡驱动 mme是核心网其中的一个网元,是核心网中负责处理信令的网元,他的功能在23.401中有描述,我这里列举一下-nas信令解析和处理-nas信令的安全性-与其他3gpp网络的核心网交互,进行移动性控制-控制和执行寻呼的传递-ta列表的管理.

03/03/2004 · Hallo zusammen, ich suche verzweifelt eine vernünftige Erklärung bzw. Unterscheidung der drei Begriffe "ASIO", "WDM" und "MME", die im Zusammenhang mit meiner Audiokarte SEK´D Prodif Plus und der neuen Samplitude 7-Version aufgetreten sind stehen dort in. ASIO driver is different from WDM drivers in such a way that the stability of these drivers exactly depends on the quality of the hardware drivers. Unlike WDM where its dependent on Windows kernel, ASIO based drivers are independent on how Windows kernel works. This leads to lowered CPU processing, lower latency and memory usage. 常见的音频api有mme、ds、wdm、ks、wasapi、asio. 的延时大大降低,某些时候甚至可以媲美asio,在一些专业的音频编辑创作软件中,已经对wdm提供了支持。 mme延迟高,而direct sound并非为专业音频设计,wdm的出现很好地弥补了这些缺点。. 17/08/2015 · So for me ASIO,WASAPI, or KS are the only correct settings when you are listening to music with an external DAC because what comes in goes out, period. The type of music played decides how to set the output device ie: CD 44,1khz 16bit dolby digital 48khz 24. For the best performance, you should use: ASIO if available, then WDM/KS, then DirectSound, and only use MME if there is no other option. WASAPI isn’t offered in most audio software and doesn’t bring much that WDM/KS doesn’t, so I can’t recommend using it. What’s The Difference?

28/04/2019 · ASIO, WASAPI Exclusive, and WDM-KS are all bit-perfect as far as a typical software stack is concerned, so there shouldn't be any difference between them. MME, DirectSound and WASAPI Shared do not provide bit-perfect guarantees. In Windows 95/ME, MME lacks mixing multiple audio streams during playback and device sharing, so only one audio stream can be rendered at a time. But some sound card drivers can emulate more than one MME device or support more than a single streaming client so it could work with MME too. 27/12/2019 · A flexible universal ASIO driver that uses the PortAudio sound I/O library. Supports WASAPI shared and exclusive, KS, DirectSound and MME. - dechamps/FlexASIO. 02/07/2011 · MME can't use MBOX, ASIO can't find my USB stuff. It's all very frustrating. Being a competent and computer literate person I recognize that ASIO, MME, WDM, kai te hetera, et cetera, and so forth, are probably drivers yes, no? and that these devices are utilizing separate tech which require separate drivers. 08/04/2005 · As you have a card with a plain WDM driver, there shouldn't be much difference between KS and ASIO. However, ASIO doesn't allow you to run more than one card with different drivers and you can't change latency with M-audios ASIO buffer unless you quit Sonar first and restart after the change. WDM-KS lets you use Sonars latency slider anytime.

However the latency on virtual I/O is also pending on the application connected to it, and the audio interface used WASAPI, Direct-X, WaveRT, Ks, MME. The Virtual ASIO interface add one buffer latency while MME interface can add 150ms. asio 윈. wasapi가 제일 싫고, ds랑 asio가 좋고, 어떤 음악은 ks가 좋고 그러네요. wasapi는 여성보컬이 가끔 허스키하게 들리고 ds는 덜 입체적이고, 대역이 협소하지만 대신 중고역이 강조되서 이쁜 음색이 됩니다. ks는 보컬 비중이 많이 적은데 부드러운 편입니다. 이 경우는 asio와 비슷한 모드인 wdm ks커널 스트리밍 모드를 asio로 바꾸어서 지원해주는 asio4all이라는 소프트웨어를 사용하시면 됩니다. 하데스는 asio 드라이버가 직접 하드웨어와 데이터를 주고 받는 순수 asio 드라이버를 제공한다. 07/07/2015 · Understanding Windows Audio System by using Voicemeeter. July 7, 2015 at 8:55 AM. Typically when using ASIO device on output A1, Using audio output or input device from the same audio device, by WDM, KS or MME can create conflict.

12/08/2017 · Asio is the most common driver. It offers suppeiror performance relative to the others, and better overall stability since it's been the choice of audio manufacturers for over a decade, and the bugs have been worked on.

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